How to RV – Setting Up The First Time

Ever wonder how to RV? Or setting up an RV for the first time? It’s not always straightforward. Is there a particular order that you should set up your trailer? Probably. This how-to RV video does a decent job of explaining the various steps and in an order that does make sense to me.

A point where I do things differently. I put more pressure on my stabilizer jacks than what is shown in the video. I just really dislike the sway in the trailer otherwise. I also use BAL x-chocks to try and take additional sway out of my parked trailer.

Also, they show levelling and stabilizing prior to putting the slides out. If you don’t stabilize before the slides go out, the change in weight may put off your level trailer.

The water regulator is another important piece of equipment that I have seen lots of people ignore. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but have a sudden pressure spike and the next thing you know you have leaks somewhere inside your trailer. I know people this has actually happened to, so it’s not just a gimmick.

Is there anything that you do differently that might be useful for people learning how to RV?

One thought on “How to RV – Setting Up The First Time

  1. Great video. I always set my trailer up with the slide side a little high so when the slides go out it settles to level. Otherwise I follow the same process. I do not have an inline surge protector so that was interesting.

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