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Prairie Oasis Park

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Loated 20 minutes south of Hanna Alberta.  This campground has serviced and unserviced sites as well as boat launch, marina and designated swimming area.

Unserviced Sites – $10 | P Sites – $20

Campground website:
Campground reservations:
Phone number:1(403)779-2155

P Sites
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Walking trails
Wireless Internet
Dump Station
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6 thoughts on “Prairie Oasis Park

  1. It was awesome the sand was vvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyy soft but lots of mums quits and horse flies on the beach!!!

  2. Trying to book but found out only people from county are allowed to book, then maybe they will open up to other Albertans. Why don’t you just make this a private campground instead of getting money from the province thanks

  3. Your reservation system is a JOKE. Called May 1st 9:00 AM and spoke to a new Canadian in Toronto. Gave him the campsite we were trying to reserve. He said the system was down and put me on hold. 40 minutes later he hangs up.
    I try again, hold for service, after 15 minutes the line goes dead again.
    Tried the website as well. That shows all sites booked for summer at 9:05 AM.
    If we must outsource Alberta jobs could we at least make a job of it.

  4. nice campground, but the service was terrible. The two girls in the concession shack scowled the whole time we were there waiting in line behind other campers. This campground is very slanted against tenters. The tiny tent area is stuck in the back area of the campground. Tenters like everyone else get water and power, although tenters don’t usually use either. A tenter has to pay the same rate as a trailer or motorhome($25 for all). We were travelling with our three kids and had to pay double as we had a small tent for my wife and I and a small tent for our three kids. We had to pay $50 to put our two small tents in this little ‘pad’ made up of bark chips. I found the park manager rude as well. We will never stay there again. Mosquitoes were terrible. I guess if you have a 40 foot motorhome with three bedrooms, $25 bucks for you to plug in your water and power and run your lights and air conditioner would be a great deal for you. Obviously, they don’t want tenters or families.

    Reservations system costs $12.50 to reserve a spot, but you can’t reserve a tenting spot either. No firewood at the site, you gotta pay for that…this became a running joke for my kids…extra fees.

  5. Six of us decided to go camping to prairie oasis because we heard that the camping was good and the beach was amazing. Everything started out great, we went to the beach (which was beautiful) and set up camp. We just started making supper when we decided to angle our truck onto the grass for a bit more privacy. The camp attendants drove by and rudely told us to move the vehicle and they then asked us where we were from. When we answered they told us to pack our things and get out. When we asked why they proceeded to tell us nobody from our town is allowed in their camp ground. We told them that we had been drinking since we had gotten to the park and they said that they didn’t care, we were to pack our things and get out. Being that we are people with common sense, none of us were leaving that campground while under the influence and instead we called the rcmp, (thank you to the officer that helped us and hanna rcmp for helping mediate the situation, and made sure we were safe, because of you we had an awesome safe weekend and made great memories). As for the park attendants i think you learned just how many and i quote “brain cells we have” and maybe next time you won’t judge young adults by the town that they are from. I am sure that you have learned not all young adults are reckless and out to destroy your campgrounds.

  6. I just have to say in researching for campground for my large group… after reading these reviews, definitely will not be planning on camping here. Too bad the locals sound so ignorant. Definitely a deterrent.

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