Easy to make RV Leveling Blocks

Having your trailer or RV level is important. It not only makes your camping more comfortable it also makes sure your equipment runs well.  An unlevel trailer can actually damage your fridge. So here are the RV leveling blocks that I made.  Leveling your RV or trailer is really straight forward, to level from left to rightjust raise the wheels on the lower side.  I do this with RV leveling blocks.

Before I made leveling boards for my trailer I would haul around a bunch of scrap wood that I cobbled together to level my trailer. This worked ok but the boards always seemed to slide around and it made getting the trailer level a real chore.

So I Googled for tips on what other people have done but didn’t really find much that was helpful. There were a lot of plastic style leveling boards for sale, but I wanted something easy and cheap.

So I bought a couple 2×6 boards and started cutting and ending up with this.

RV Leveling Blocks

To get the length for the top board I took the measured distance from the front of the first wheel to the back of the second wheel and added about 4 inches.

RV Leveling BlocksFor the bottom board I cut another 2×6 about 4 inches longer than the top, this makes a nice “step up” for the trailer.  Also to make everything easier to carry and to accommodate an uneven campsite I cut the bottom board into 3 equal sized lengths.

To finish off the leveling boards I cut two 45 degree angles into both the longer top board and one of the shorter bottom boards. This makes it easier for the trailer to roll onto the boards and helps prevent the trailer from pushing them out of the way.

RV Leveling Blocks

I also had thought about putting in dowel plugs to help keep the boards from slipping, but I’ve yet to really have an issue with them sliding.

All in this took 2 2×6 boards and probably 15 minutes on the saw. It works great for me, maybe it’ll work for you?


One thought on “Easy to make RV Leveling Blocks

  1. I use both wood with the ends angled and leveling blocks. I carry both and have had to use both combined on occasion. Which reminds me… I have been meaning to cut some new boards and blocks out of cedar to replace the older pressure treated ones.

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