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Jarvis Bay Provincial Campground

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Campsite Description

Right on the shores of Sylvan Lake only 10 minutes from the Town of Sylvan Lake. This campground is one of the few right on the lake. You can enjoy some piece and quite at your campsite or venture into Sylvan Lake to spend time on the beach of in one of the many cafes, restaurants or shops.It is important to note that there is no direct lake access from the campground. If you want to brave one of the unofficial trails you can get down to the rocky shoreline.

Campsite Prices

Total Sites - 147
Unserviced Sites - $22
Power Sites - $28

Campground Contact Information

Website -
Reservation Website -
Campground Phone Number - 1(403)887-5522

Author Campground Review

A great campground that is equally close to Calgary and Edmonton. Just head to Sylvan Lake and head north at the traffic circle. Make sure you don’t turn into the Jarvis Bay Summer Village, it’s the turn after that.There is something for everyone here as well. There is a playground, minigolf and an ice cream store. Plus with the walking trails to Sylvan you can enjoy an afternoon on the beach or a round of golf at one of the nearby courses.

8 thoughts on “Jarvis Bay Provincial Campground

  1. This campground is not necessarily geared towards families looking for a peaceful stay. Because of it’s proximity to Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, this is a common gathering place for those looking to party. During our last stay there were several parties going until the wee hours of the morning. Loud music, yelling, cursing, etc. we expressed our concern on sat morning and were told they had had several complaints. Saturday night was the same thing. The officials at this park are either unwilling or incapable of enforcing the quiet time hours that are in place and this simply ruins it for those that do go out and respect the rules. If your looking for a peaceful, family campground, look elsewhere.

  2. We have had experiences with noise at this campground as well. Nothing to the extent of Jason above, but we have noticed on some weekends younger people there for a party.

  3. My little girl and I camped here after a day at the Lacombe Corn Maze and she was very excited about her first time camping. Unfortunately, and this topped the loud car stereo music just up the way, in the middle of the night, two separate domestic disputes broke out in separate locations, at different times in the middle of the night. They were very severe, very loud, and went on forever, and frightened my daughter. I’m sure not many people slept much that night. There was obviously no one patrolling the campground or, at least, monitoring the noise.

    NOT a good experience.

  4. I will never stay here again or recommend to friends!
    Problem one, was the nausty showers, with dirt, hair and feminine products in stalls
    Problem two, Park Rangers visiting every 5 minutes,friends by the fire couldn’t talk, couldn’t have music and then the generator was to loud! We have a Honda whisper! You can’t hear it unless your listening for it!
    Problem three, Park Rangers only worked on Friday and Saturday! No week day, as we had to listen to people party way past 3 and 4 in the morning! You could hear them speaking, screaming and cussing!
    Problem four, we checked out early, gave 48 hours notice, and didn’t get a refund! As the girl working that day, was unsure how to do it and when i keep checking no one was at the gate!

  5. It is now almost two in the morning and Im camping with my little girls in this campground and there is loud mucic next to our site. The camp registration said there is a number on the washroom doors to call for after hour complaints…I see no numbrers to call to complain. Very upset and will not stay here again.

  6. Terrible campground with poor unprofessional staff and even worse hot head park rangers. Stayed here with my family and my friends family. Quiet hours were in place at 11pm which is pretty standard however two young park rangers asked our childern to keep it down slightly after dinner time. The second time they came back we were all sitting around the fire sharing stories and laughing with quiet music around 9pm. They told us that there were noise complaints and that they would have to get the police involved if the “noise” continued. The park rangers visited our site and many other surrounding sites multiple times before 11pm with nothing intellegent or reasonable to say. Would not reccomend this campground to families or young people alike.

  7. I agree with Joe completely. Me and my friends visited the campground and were evicted the following day, and my friend received a 200 dollar ticket (according to the rules i read on the website, they will only issue a ticket, or evict you, however we received both.) The night before we had been having fun and partying (typical campsite stuff for teenagers) at a reasonable volume (we were playing music from my friends cell phone), however this was long before the quiet hours were in place (the quiet hours are in effect at 11, which is around when we all went to bed). The next day we were preparing lunch at about 1 or 2 and we had all our food out ready to make. According to the Officer who evicted us, “We did not meet the satisfactory requirements of cleanliness that were required”. This is because we did not put away our garbage while he was there (which we intended to do after eating). The Park Official Ranger who i assumed would have been some what professional, referred to our site as a “shit pit”, and gave us NO warning of us being to loud, or being un clean. He said that it was expected of us to know the rules and regulations from reading a brochure about the rules, which we were never told about, nor aware of. The Officer also said that they had received many noise complaints, however the only campers close to us never asked us to quiet down, never told us were being to loud, or did anything to tell us we were being a bother. I’m having doubts that they even complained. The officer also threatened to call the Police when we didn’t “pack up our shit” and leave within 5 minutes.

    All and all the campsite is quite nice, however it is the Hot-Head Ranger that makes me never want to return to that camp site again.

  8. Our family enjoyed our camping trip at Jarvis Bay immensely. In fact, we reserved a site with power, but due to a computer glitch when we made the reservation, we arrived to a site that was not serviced. The staff were very prompt and friendly in resolving the issue, they moved us to a beautiful and powered site. A Park Ranger even came by about an hour later to apologize again for the error, and to ensure we were happy with our new site. Jarvis Bay is a peaceful and family orientated campground, it was quiet, the sites were well treed and with plenty of privacy. It’s conveniently located, only a five minute drive to the Town of Sylvan Lake, which has a gorgeous beach, water slides and many other fun things to do for the entire family. We are already planning another trip – we highly recommend this campground.

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