One thought on “Emerson Bridge Park Campground

  1. No matter how nice how beautiful and clean a place is if your staff is very RUDE and NOT PROFESSIONAL everything falls down to having not a very good experience. At 1130PM on Saturday a staff just showed up in our site; did not introduce herself and just told us to stop making noise, BUT we were just talking and our parents were also just chatting, 3 people were playing cards and some of us were just talking. Bottom line is, she was even confused of the previous night who was making noise well it was not US. We told her please introduce yourself, who is she, and she said she was the manager and a camper. And after asking her these questions she was telling I am RUDE? I have the right to ask at that time of night I have to. I asked for her name (Tina Taylor) She even threatened us to call the county… Well it is very unfortunate we were the only on awake at that time. Some of us were first time campers, sometimes its the way people say things and in a RESPECTFUL manner. We are your customers and we should have been treated fairly. And maybe post that at 11PM everone should be sleeping already so she wont hear any people talking. What is camping for then?????

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