2 thoughts on “Tail Creek Park

  1. The campground itself is super cute! Right on the river, lots of trees. But the camp hosts are absolutely terrible. The first night we were here our group was kept up until 7:30 am because of excessively loud partying. There’s no actual quiet time posted, we figured that’s just what we get for camping in “tent city”. The second night our little group of six was playing campfire games, with music, and around 10:30 a very angry and very drunk man came in our campsite yelling at us to be quiet or he would kick us all out. We apologized, said thanks for the warning and turned our music down, but he wasn’t done, he continued to rant about kicking us out. None of us were disrespectful to him in any way and absolutely didn’t mind quieting down, but I don’t understand why no one could do anything about the individuals keeping the entire campground awake the first night, but then the second night the camp host was so aggressive with us. We will not come back here again and we will be telling everyone we know to stay away from here because the camp host is very rude and unprofessional.

  2. We do not know who the drunk man was but i can assure you it was not the host. We are sorry you were kept awake and had someone complained they would have been shut down. Jasmine the organizer of the tournament was in charge of keeping things like that under control.

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