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  1. We camped here in a tent. There are two loops to the campground, and we chose the loop that is closest to the creek, Loop 2. There are no serviced sites here, and the pit toilets are pretty ripe, even by pit toilet standards. The fire wood can be purchased during 6 hours in the middle of the day by an Alberta Parks summer student, who is parked by the bridge as you come off the main hwy (Sec Hwy 752).

    There is a fair amount of noise that comes of the hwy, but its muffled for the most part. There are some trails near the CG that you can take your mountain bikes through, but beware, it IS bear country. Be bear aware.

    Fishing is allowed in the Prairie Creek, and while we were there quite a few fish were pulled out of there. Browns mostly. But be warned, have your license on you, because CO’s are a regular visitor out there. If you run out of supplies, or just beer, there is a store/gas station/restaurant/trading post between Strachan and Rocky Mountain House that has pretty much everything you could possibly need.

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