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Lost Lemon Campground

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Campsite Description

Free WiFi City water, sewer Heated Pool & Hot Tub (seasonal) Playground Basketball Volleyball On site fishing, Crowsnest River Near golf, shopping & rec. Two 1-bedroom Cabins, fully equipped. Coin showers. WIR SPRECHEN DEUTSCH. Rate based on 2 people”

Campsite Prices

Total Sites - 49
Power & Water Sites - $33
Power / Water / Sewer Sites - $35-$38

Campground Contact Information

Website - www.lostlemon.com 
Campground Phone Number - 1.403.562.2932

0 thoughts on “Lost Lemon Campground

  1. We have been camping all over Alberta and BC for many years, and this was easily the worst campground we have ever been too. The campsites are far to small, we have a tent and a truck and were wall to wall inside our boundary lines in the second site we got.. the first one we could not have put the truck in the site it was so small. It seems as though they have cut the average size site into two in an effort to make more money. They upcharge for absolutely everything, pricing is based on 2 adults, you will pay an extra $3 per child you have with you. They have a very small pool, which you must shower before you get in, and the sign says it must be a full shampoo/soap shower, and you will pay to use that shower. The ultimate however is DO NOT THINK THAT BECAUSE IT SAYS YOU CAN BRING YOUR PET THAT IT IS PET FRIENDLY. We have a 16 year old dog, he stayed in the truck, where we have a house set up for him, 98% of the time. Our kids took him out of the truck so we could change his bedding etc. and promptly the male owner came over and said the rules say you have to walk your dog outside of the park. When I tried to explain to him we were changing his bedding and that he is a registered guest at the campground, and was not even on a bathroom outing, I was quite rudely told that if I did not like the rules I could go to a different campground, and then he ran away, pausing only briefly when I told him no problem give me my money back. My husband and I then went to the office to speak with his wife, who I booked through, who reiterated their walk your dog outside the campground rule, and that they had not seen us outside the gate at all. I pointed out that she has certainly seen our truck leave repeatedly, we take the dog places slightly more appropriate than the road outside their gate. I also pointed out that HER DOG was free roaming and had been in our campsite more than once, to which she replied it is her dog and her property, and if her dog wanted to wander into my campsite then so be it. Clearly this woman needs to learn what the legal arrangement is when you “rent” out a piece of your establishment for money, this would be like a hotel owner sleeping in the bed of your hotel room because he owns it? I expressed my disgust with her husbands attitude, and told her that I do not accept comments like his “go to another campground” remark, and that if that was the case, give me a refund and I will be on my way. Of course she was quick to point out her no refund policy. About half an hour later, she came by our site to let us know another tenter would be coming, so please make sure all our stuff was on our side of the line. I told her no problem, we were leaving anyhow. At that point she asked us please not to go, apologized for her husbands comments, etc. etc. blah blah blah. She said they just don’t want dogs using their campground as a washroom, and again I pointed out that we clean up after our dog, and take him off site, but that he certainly has a right to, on a leash, step outside of the truck occasionally. Too little too late, we left after she made her pleas for us to stay, this place is just ridiculously run, over priced, and has rude owners trying to maximize profit for as little work as possible. A side note, we completely understand not wanting to pick up after someone else, or someone else’s dog, that is not the problem here. The problem is with this campsite claiming on their site that they accept pets, and I did mention and thoroughly discuss ours when I booked, and then getting there and having our dog treated the way he was. If you don’t like dogs, don’t let people bring them, it’s just that simple. If you want the revenue from pet owners, adjust your attitude.

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