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High Eagle RV Park

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Campsite Description

Situated on the South Shore of scenic Rosebud River, 30 waterfront sites. 20 minutes to Drumheller, 1 hour to Calgary. Walking distance to Rosebud Theatre. Golfers welcome. Convenience store. Hiking trails, fishing 6 km. Prices based on 2 adults & 2 children.”

Campsite Prices

Total Sites - 60
Power & Water Sites - $33-$44

Campground Contact Information

Website - 
Campground Phone Number - 403.677.2577

4 thoughts on “High Eagle RV Park

  1. We enjoyed or camping week at High Eagle RV Park. We parked our RV in the secure, gated park and walked to the dinner theatre in Rosebud. The manager was waiting at the gate when we walked home to make sure that all his campers were home safe before he closed the gate for the evening.
    The campgroud is clean and quiet, the washrooms are immaculate and I would recommend this RV Park to all my friends and family.

  2. We were here Canada Day weekend 2016, and got a bad taste as soon as we got in the gate. Their bedside manner needs improvement, you feel like you’re intruding and not welcome.

    – We did have a reservation but wasn’t given the option to pick a lot even though the campground was empty and about 10 remained so all weekend. We were escorted to the site and directed how to back up. Some might appreciate this but we’re experienced campers.
    – One poor lady was trying to shower her kids in cold water that she has to pay $1 for 3 minutes for. The taps were running hot water so not sure what happened there. The bathrooms are very clean though.
    – Sites are way too close together if you didn’t know the people next to you it would be awkward.
    – Website says “Pets allowed some rules apply” but when we made our reservation they said pets were not allowed on long weekends. It wasn’t until we said we (3 units) would not come if that was the case that they said they would make an exception for us. Pets need to be walked outside the park on the road or ditch if they allow them.
    – A local came into the park to advise and invite campers to a bonfire for Canada Day and the manager lost it on him, yelling at him that he wasn’t following protocol. Not very professional.
    – Our biggest annoyance was we have visitors come for supper for a few hours and they HAD to park at the entrance gate and walk in. It is a rule so that’s fine but the managers sat all weekend at a friends site drinking beer and they had two vehicles parked at their place. It was very apparent throughout the weekend that the managers or whatever make exceptions to rules for their friends.

    We’re going to try the golf course next time we come to Rosebud.

  3. Similar to the thoughts of Josie Green in 2016, we definitely believe the owner &/or manager of High Eagle needs an improvement in his ‘bedside manners’. The following comments on our experiences last night were sent to the Good Sam Club whom the RV park claims on its signage to be an affiliate of:
    “We had a very unsettling experience last night (August 15, 2018) at High Eagle RV Resort, Rosebud Alberta, Canada which claimed to be a Good Sam campground & carried your logo and club name on the highway signs on the property fencing.
    The problems we encountered were entirely the responsibility of the campground owner &/or manager who harassed us & our guests (2) around visitor ‘rules’ around visiting hours, the visitors need to register before proceeding to our campsite, the claim that the visitors would be locked in the park if they were late leaving, etc. None of these ‘rules’ were told to us on entering or written on any information sheet. Indeed, this morning when we went looking for any obvious posting of any of these rules we only found evidence of visitor hours (10pm instead of 9pm which he quoted to us) in the washroom which. We don’t use as we travel in an RV motohome!
    The man’s demeanor was rude & intimidating & he visited us 4 times to tell us of a new rule infraction each time … & not giving us a written information sheet or verbal summary.
    My partner & I are both in our late sixties & our guests in their seventies. We posed no threat, were causing no disturbance & were in our RV the last 2 times he visited.
    Similar reports of his inappropriate, threatening behavior can be found in RV Park Reviews from 2016 & 2018.
    If this RV facility is on the Good Sam list of approved facilities, we urge you to investigate this enterprise ASAP to protect your members from such needless bombastic & intimidating abuse”
    We do not recommend people expect any change in his attitude as we have found reports of this same behavior of his going back many years. The RV park at the golf course across the highway we are told provides a very desirable alternative.

  4. My name is Vasile and I am a Moldovan tourist. This is my first travel in Canada and my first experience living at a wonderful RV PARK.
    My Canadian friend suggested me to stay at High Eagle RV PARK, while travelling through Alberta. We stayed at a rental unit, where it was really nice and comfortable.
    I felt relaxed enjoying the nature, while climbing hills nearby. After me and my friend tried sailing the canoe, that was perfect for us spending time.
    Thank you a lot RV PARK for these memories!

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