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  1. We stayed in their cabin for a night and had reserved a tent site to stay. The tent site was 1.5 among 4, ridiculous size because I think it is a made up site. There was a fire pit and room for a picnic bench no room to tent, we have to apparently go down by not so even ground with plants and put our tent by the creek and the neighbor already had a tent there. Secondly, also noticed stagnant water next to our site, when inquired she said there is an outflow. Anyways, we did not see one, maybe for heavy rain season! All in all, when we complained, she took no effort to make it right or give money back. All in all poor experience. In this day and age, no review online is also not a good thing. We looked for reviews and couldn’t find any independent ones.

    Plus the water in the cabins smelled funny like toilet being flushed even in the kitchen-> on inquiry answer to that was it sits above sulphur wells. so do watch out for that.

  2. Rented a small cabin for two nights. The water from all taps smelt of sulphur and all the towels did as well. So showering was pointless cause I stunk worse afterwards. Cabin was dirty. Cobwebs were gathered along the bottom of the walls and dirt on floors. Found a large (size of tennis ball) spot of dried BLOOD beside edge of bed. Paid $140/ night for this. Could’ve stayed in Hinton at the big horn motel for 50 bucks if I wanted to stay in other peoples filth. Not even close to worth the cost. Money would not be refunded due to a policy stated on bulletin on cabin wall that writes ” guests responsible for cleaning the cabin it’s not like a hotel ” would not recommend this to anyone and will not be returning. Oh and don’t go by the pictures on their website because the grounds look nothing like that, we pulled up to what looked like a filming of the episode “hoarders”

  3. Hi, friends and I stayed for a couple of nights in July 2014, had booked three but left a day early. We asked for a day refund and was refused. I got back home and my credit card had been charged on the day I reserved site not when we left site. If I would have cancelled 7 days in advance would my card have been credited. SHE gave me a receipt the day we arrived for the 3 days in advance??She said she did this as a booking not like a hotel, then why was I charged a hotel tax. Had not seen this done before, pictures are deceiving, no trails just a walk around the other VERY close cabins. Pretty messy grounds. We were not impressed with attitude of owner, It is her place and she makes the rules. She said she would refund my card if she rented out the last day as we left early, not happy with stinky water and no walking [email protected]! Would not go back, it is actually a cheap trailer court!!

  4. I called to see if they had a site for the same night, and she said she had a site. Gave her all my info. 10min later the family decided not to stay there. Tried to call several times. Left voicemail. About 7hrs later got a phone call from her saying she thinks she can find us a spot. Told her that I was sorry I called 10min after to cancel and she said the credit card was ran and will not be refundable. Strongly recommend not to give credit card. Been reading a lot about the site after all this and so many people have said the same and gone to small claims court. I reported her for fraud.

  5. Where do I begin with the disappointment that was this weekend?
    We get there and the lady at the front, Diana I believe, tells us we got a cottage. Excited we sign in and head to our “cottage”… I paid $717.22 for a freaking trailer! This is not a cottage people and their price system is whack. There is no privacy either as there are trailers all around the area. The wifi is laughable as well. The minute we left this… whatever you want to call it, I was able to connect to my data again and send messages.
    This place was so ugly I didn’t bother taking pictures.
    She took out as she called it a “pre-authorized security deposit” from my bank $250.00. Not only did she not inform me this was going to happen, but in the confirmation email and on their website it doesn’t say anything about a security deposit. My sister became ill from the water at this resort and wouldn’t stop vomiting, so we had to cut our trip short and take her to the Edson hospital. I told Diana this and she did not give a rat’s ass. Even though the place was dirty when we got there, (all the dishes had food on them and there was dog kibble at the back door??) she said there would be charges. Bitch, keep the security deposit you stole, I don’t care.
    And finally, but not the least of all the problems here, apparently someone sent her an e-mail about me with a lot of aggression attached to it. Diana told me about this e-mail but said because of a “privacy act” she wasn’t supposed to forward it to me. I am the paying customer! Not whoever the hell this man is. I sincerely believe I should have gotten this person’s email at the least, my life could be in danger here.
    All in all, I am thankful to no longer be there and really advise everyone not to go here. It is an awful place and I hope they get a lawsuit and are forcibly shut down.

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