Alberta RV Shows 2018

Alberta RV Shows Calgary RV Show Edmonton RV Show Red Deer RV ShowAnother camping season is starting to get near.  Have you already have started talking with friends and family about your camping trips? Or maybe you are thinking of buying a new RV? The 2018 Alberta RV Shows are a great place to start looking for that next RV. You are able to walk through all the latest models of tent trailers, hybrid trailers, toy haulers, 5th wheels and motorhomes in one place. You also get to stay warm as it’s all indoors. The RV Shows run from late January through to the end of February.

I’ve been to both the Calgary RV Show and the Red Deer RV Show and Red Deer RV Show was my favourite.

Calgary RV Show January 25 – January 28
Edmonton RV Show February 8 – February 11
Red Deer RV Show February 16 – February 25

Check out RVDA Alberta’s website for all the RV Show details.

Have fun and maybe you’ll buy yourself something nice.

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Interesting fact, can’t remember where I read it or the exact distance but field mice don’t travel far. 10 – 15 feet moved the trailer mice problem stopped.

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How to RV – Setting Up The First Time

Hungerford Lake Recreation Area

Ever wonder how to RV? Or setting up an RV for the first time? It’s not always straightforward. Is there a particular order that you should setup your trailer? Probably. This how to RV video does a decent job of explaining the various steps and in an order that does make sense to me.

A point where I do things differently. I put more pressure on my stabilizer jacks than what is shown in the video. I just really dislike the sway in the trailer otherwise. I also use BAL x-chocks to try and take additional sway out of my parked trailer.

Also, they show leveling and stabilizing prior to putting the slides out. If you don’t stabilize before the slides go out, the change in weight may put off your level trailer.

The water regulator is another important piece of equipment that I have seen lots of people ignore. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but have a sudden pressure spike and next thing you know you have leaks somewhere inside your trailer. I know people this has actually happened to, so it’s not just a gimmick.

Is there anything that you do differently that might be useful for people learning how to RV?

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2016 Alberta RV Shows

Well another camping season is starting. Maybe you’re ready to start reserving sites, maybe just starting to think about summer, or maybe you’re thinking of getting a new RV?  If it’s the new RV you’re looking for, maybe you want to check out this the 2016 RVDA annual RV show? This year there are 3 shows scheduled from late January through to the end of February.

January 28 – January 31 – Calgary
February 11 – February 14 – Edmonton
February 21 – February 21 – Red Deer – Yes that’s right 10 whole days of RV Fun.

Have fun and maybe you’ll buy yourself something nice.


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2016 Campground Reservation Dates

I mentioned to my wife just the other day that it’s just about time to start thinking and planning for the 2016 camping season.  We all know that some of our favourite campgrounds can be tricky to reserve at, so here is a quick list of reservation open dates in Alberta. Make sure to mark your calendars!

January 13th – Reservations Available for Jasper National Park
January 14th – Reservations Available for Banff National Park
January 15th – Waterton & Elk Island National Parks
February 8th – Alberta Park Group Sites
February 16th – Alberta Park Comfort Camping
February 22nd – Alberta Park Campsites

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2015 Alberta RV Shows

It’s the time of year again when all the new trailer models make their debut and the Recreation Vehicle Dealer Association put on their annual RV shows. This year there are 4 shows scheduled from late January through to the end of February.

January 29 – February 1 – Calgary
February 5 – February 8 – Edmonton
February 12 – February 16 – Red Deer
February 20 – February 22 – Central Alberta

I’ve gone a number of years, and my preference has been to head to Red Deer. It’s not that far from Calgary, the show is a little smaller, and the parking has been free.

It’s always interesting to see what’s new and exciting in trailer designs as well I always checkout the top of the line motorhomes (to see how the other half camp).

Ever been?

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Buying a Used Trailer Checklist

Looking to purchase a new to you trailer? What should you be looking at when you start going to check out used trailers? Here’s a used trailer checklist I have used in the past which has a number of items that I like to confirm. It’s by no means a complete used trailer checklist and it doesn’t guarantee you’ll purchase an issue free trailer, but it’s a start.

Exterior – Dents, dings, scratches, stains, or damage.
Water Damage – Looks for warped surfaces, water stains, or “soft” spots. Pay attention to corners, windows, vents and the floor.
Lighting –  Fluorescent ones should come on at full brightness.
Fans – Do they need lubrication?
A/C – Run the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes and make sure it stays cool
Tires – Check the tires for wear and cracking, trailer tires should be replaced every 7 years or so.
Bearings – When were they last re-packed
Refrigerator – Takes about 3 hours, but should stay cold and freezer to be icy cold using both propane and electric. If you don’t have 3 hours you should be able to feel the cold within 15 or so minutes.
Stove/Oven – Light the oven and stove top burners.
Water – Check for leaks around the pump, water heater, and tanks. Does the water inlet have a filter before the water gets to the pump? Is there a pressure regulator?
Sinks – Check under sinks for signs of previous leaks.
Holding Tanks – Run water into them and check for leaks.
Hot Water Tank – Does it light? Run it on both propane and electric if equipped.
Microwave – Does it work?
TV/Stereo – Do they work?
Exterior Compartments – Are they dry and clean, with no rusty areas?
Roof – Check for cracking on the rubber roof, rust and loose screws on metal.
Converter/Inverter – Do the lights, outlets, and other electronics work from the battery and from shore power?
Furnace – Start the furnace and be sure that it is working smoothly. The flame should not be too blue.
Awning – Pull out the awning and check condition and ease of use.
Batteries – Check battery condition, what is the battery configuration (2x 6 volt / 1x 12 volt)?
Propane Tanks – Tanks are only good for 10 years before needing re-certification or replacement
Stabilizer Jacks – How many and do they crank easily?
Manuals – Do they have the manuals for all appliances and equipment?

Do you have any other items you would add to a used trailer checklist?

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Zama City Campground


Power HookupsWater HookupsPlaygroundVault ToiletsFirewood for SaleFire PitsDump StationTap WaterSupply StoreFishingBoating

Campground Information

Fish pond, 50″x30″ shelter, No charge for day-use area

Total Sites – 24

Unserviced Sites – $10
Power Sites – $15
P/W/S Sites – $20

Phone Number: 1.780.683.2378

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Young’s Point Provincial Park


Power HookupsPlaygroundVault ToiletsHiking TrailsDump StationTap WaterFlush ToiletsShowersFishingBoating

Campground Information

* RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE * Campsite & group camping reservations: or 1-877-537-2757 * 2013 campsite reservations begin Feb. 19 * open year-round for day use * great bird watching * ice fishing * Xcountry skiing * warm-up shelter *

Total Sites – 124

Unserviced Sites – $24
Power Sites – $30

Campground website:
Reservation website:
Phone Number: 780.538.5350

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Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park


PlaygroundVault ToiletsHiking TrailsFirewood for SaleFire PitsDump StationTap WaterFishingBoating

Campground Information

* RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE * Campsite & group camping reservations: or 1-877-537-2757 * 2013 campsite reservations begin Feb. 19 * Campground located on the Bow River * Riparian habitats along river home to numerous bird species *

Total Sites – 177

Unserviced Sites – $23

Campground website:
Reservation website:
Phone Number: 403.934.3523

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