Mink Lake Resort & Campground


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Campground Information

Hall rentals * Ball diamonds * Seasonal lots available * 18-Hole minigolf * Volleyball nets * Full convenience store year-round * Race Trac Fleet Cards * Regular/Diesel/Propane gas pumps * Liquor outlet* Pets on leash * Monthly/Weekly rates available

Total Sites – 200

Unserviced Sites – $28
P/W Sites – $35-$40

Reservations by Telephone
Phone Number: 1.780.963.8264

Authors Review:

0 thoughts on “Mink Lake Resort & Campground

  1. Really not impressed. Facilities we’re very dirty and pretty rundown. (While they have showers, there were grungy, dirty, and the bench area for each to leave your clothes aphid exposed wires even). Getting into the campground area relies on having them open a gate – every time no one was keeping an eye on the gate so we had to get out of vehicle and go into office to get them to open it. Sites have picnic tables that look hazardous to use unless you enjoy getting splinters everywhere (we only used them to stack food on and to sit a tabletop bbq on – we wouldn’t let anyone actually sit at them).

    Biggest complaint – they claim that there is a “quiet time” that is enforced overnight. However, a campsite by us was nonstop yelling, swearing, music, and an Rv generator through til the wee hours of the morning and it went on for over 3 hours before anyone from the campground came to get them to be quiet (including one very drunk young woman loudly bragging that “they wouldn’t dare tell her to shut up because she was their bosses best friends daughter”. The same evening another site decided to blare deep base music for while in the middle of the night.

    Their “all dogs must be on a leash” is also ignored, with multiple dogs running loose throughout the campground

    I would never recommend staying here, and will never do so ourselves again. Basically, it appears to have become a party location for people to go get drunk and be obnoxious all night.

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