About The Van Ormans

The Van Ormans Love To Camp

van orman camping in their trailer with reviewsWow – I was looking back at the original “About Us” page and noticed that it was from 2010 when I started this website. Wow 5 years, two extra kids, and of course another trailer later and it’s still going.

In late 2014 I figured it was time for a little site spruce up. 5 years was a long time for the old design. So it’s a little better now, but I’m neither a designer or developer so you get what you get.

Family Update

So for the Van Orman’s, in the past 5 years, we’ve added two new children to the family and we continued to camp the entire time. Many times we wondered why we did this to ourselves, but we continued on. Neither girl has ever been a good sleeper, so having all of us in the trailer with multiple middle of the night wake ups meant everyone woke up. It also meant that Mom and Dad were rarely happy the next day. There were even a few trips where we left early because we were just “DONE!”

2015 promises to be a great year as the girls are older and slightly better sleepers, but mostly they both absolutely love camping. They always have, even from very early ages, loved camping. The late bedtimes, the s’mores, and the never-ending loops around the campground in the wagon have been favourites. It’s even been suggested by my middle child that we should go camping in the middle of winter. Or deep conversations around the trailer not being big enough for all her stuffies that need to come.

Trailer Update

I’ve worked diligently to ensure the trailer is in fact big enough. In 2010 I had a 27-foot trailer with “most of the bells and whistles”. I also said, “for now it works but I’m sure I’ll need bigger and better one someday”. As expected I did need both bigger and better. We’re now living large in a 32 foot Rockwood trailer with two slides, three queen beds and two T.Vs. We have enjoyed this trailer immensely but this past summer already started talking about what our next trailer should look like. The idea of an outdoor kitchen and the outside door directly into the bathroom are very appealing.

Anyways, we are the Van Ormans, and we continue to camp.