About Us 2010

We are the Van Ormans and we camp.

We’ve been camping for a number of years now but it all started when I was young.

Growing up my Dad would take me and my brothers backpacking. It was a great way to learn how to enjoy the outdoors. As I grew older I can still appreciate the simple nature of backpacking but my tastes have changed. What started out as a backpack with a sleeping pad and sleeping bag has transformed.

My first trailer purchase was a 1980 8 foot Colemen tent trailer. It was basically a tent on wheels, but for the first time ever I was warm and dry no matter where I camped. Quickly I decided that I wanted bigger and better, so the next purchase was a 1997 17 foot Coachmen trailer. This was true luxury. To have a fridge, stove, heat and most importantly a bathroom was amazing. Again, like most men, I got trailer envy and so now I’m the proud owner of a 27-foot travel trailer. It’s got most of the bells and whistles, but for me, the key is always the fridge, heater, bathroom and space. With a growing family, it seems like we just needed a bit more space. So for now, it works but I’m sure I’ll need bigger and better one day soon.

Now for why I’ve put this site together. I’ve often struggled to find the perfect campground. Lots of times I’m interested in finding campgrounds around a certain city, or a list of Alberta lake campgrounds that are worth visiting. There are a number of sites out there that list various Alberta RV parks but most are just directory listings “scraped” off the internet. Each of my listings are updated by myself and visited by us or someone I know.

So with any luck, you’ll find this site useful and will help me create a better site by contributing your comments and campground suggestions.

2 thoughts on “About Us 2010

  1. Hello Ryan
    Like the site having all campgrounds on one map. Any way to print a zoom in area to help plan out my trip. Looking to try out a lot of places in a short run.

  2. Sorry I don’t know of anyway to be able to print off the campground map. Great idea though.

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