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Located along the Red Deer River, River Grove Campground and Cabins is right in the heart of Drumheller. Just a couple minute walk and you are at the local splash park, pool, and tourist information center.  In no more than 30 minutes you are able to visit all the amazing attractions that Drumheller is famous for, including the: Hoodoos, Tyrell Museum, the Giant Dinosaur, Horseshoe Canyon, Horse Thief Canyon, and the list goes on.  River Grove Campground is well treed and many of the sites are nice and private. There are clean bathrooms and showers (including handicap), a dishwashing station, playground, store, arcade, and laundry mat.

Total Sites – 140

Unserviced Sites – $37
P/W Sites – $43
P/W/S Sites – $48
Campground website: www.camprivergrove.com
Reservations by Telephone
Phone Number: 1.403.823.6655

Authors Review: July 2017

Over the last couple years, we have really found a new love for Drumheller. There is so much to do in this amazing town and our kids are just at the right age to start enjoying all of it.  Looking back at our last review it’s hard to believe it has been 7 years since we stayed at River Grove Campground.

This time we reserved into a different part of the campground and it was absolutely perfect. The sites were well treed which provided much-needed shade. We were pretty close to the park as well as the bathrooms. Both critical services when you have a family. Probably what we enjoy most about camping in Drumheller is the huge number of things to do with the family, and having a campground so central to it all makes it real easy to see and do everything. We will definitely be staying at this campground again, hopefully, next year.

June 2010

We stayed here for our 2010 family reunion. The campground was clean and we had a great time. We had sites closest to the highway which made them a little loud, but they were also some of the largest sites available. At some locations in the campground, it seemed the trailers were right on top of each other, so privacy was a luxury.With easy walking access to the splash park and pool, you can find ways to stay cool during the Drumheller heat. All the other services and tourist locations are within easy driving distance, so this campground is a real treat.

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2 comments on “River Grove Campground and Cabins
  1. Miss Mona says:

    We wanted to stay in Drumheller on a camping trip to Banff. Drumheller is a wonderful little town with fun things to do, RIVER GROVE IS NOT ONE OF THEM!
    1. They advertise rabbits on their web site, they are in a cage and kids are not allowed to touch.
    2. We phoned in our reservations. I asked for power, sewer and water. When we got there we got a 15 amp site with no sewer. I was not asked what amp I wanted for my site when I made the reservation. Drumheller is hot in the summer, we couldn’t run a/c. We did get water, but the water smelt like sewer water. I had to sanitize my hands after using it. The smell never went away. GROSS!
    3. There is a playground for young kids,at the opening of the campground. There is traffic constantly going in and out on either side of the playground. Not safe for children.
    4.Pay showers, $1 for 5 min. after paying nearly $40 for a “full service” site.
    5. We requested a 30amp site for our return trip. I called a few days later. They said there was no cancellations and couldn’t accommodate us. I tried to cancel the reservation and was told I couldn’t because the reservation was within 7 days….wtf?!
    The woman, short, older 58ish with black hair and smoked, was so obnoxious about this. I was so mad at this point. She was blunt and rude. Nowhere on their website did it post the cancellation policy.

    Bottom line, do not stay at this campground. If you like rude, unaccommodating and greedy customer service then this is the place for you.

  2. sean says:

    My response to Miss ‘princess’ Mona,

    River grove is an excellent campground in the heart of Drumheller.

    1. There are bunnies and my kids did hold them.
    2. Maybe you should ask for 30amp when you request your site the first time you call. We had no issues with the water. If it’s too hot for you, maybe you shouldn’t be camping. It is a summer activity.
    3. Playground is fully fenced. Speed limit is 10. Nuff said.
    4. My family of 6 can shower for $6 and I have 4 daughters.
    5. With all the problems you claim to have had to this point, you still wanted to stay a week later, must have been no place to stay around Drumheller in the middle of summer (go figure). Maybe better planning is in order.

    I for one am totally looking forward to returning this year. Currently on the phone trying to get reservations. Bring on a HOT summer in Drumheller. AC or not

    100% recommended

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