Camping Checklist

Camping ChecklistThe Van Orman’s Camping Checklist.

Imagine this. It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, you get off work a little early, throw a couple last minute items into the trailer and head out onto the road.  You’ve beaten the weekend traffic and are relaxing in your favorite campground.  All that remains between you and the perfect weekend is something in the trailer, but it’s not there, you forgot to pack it. If only you had a camping checklist!

This has happened countless times so I finally made a camping checklist.  I’ve gotten it to the point that I really only need to pack to the list and I’m confident I have what I need.  We always keep a pad and paper in the trailer to keep track of anything that we run out of or want to add to the check list for next time.

It’s a system that seems to work really well for us over the years, maybe it’ll work for you too? Here is our list.

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